Overland Trailer

Included with Base Camp Rental$124/night


Included with Base Camp Rental

This overland trailer seamlessly merges the capability to conquer rugged terrains with the convenience of home comforts. Its versatile design and array of features empower you to venture into off-the-beaten-path destinations, embodying the authentic spirit of adventure.

Overall dimensions: 82″ tall x 72″ wide x 132″ long

Trailer “box” size: 35 cubic feet of lockable interior storage

Ground Clearance: 15”

Total Weight: 1500lbs loaded up

Tongue Weight: 120lbs

Towing Hookup Requirements: 2” receiver and 7-prong plug

  • Generous interior and exterior storage
  • 11 lbs of on-board propane
  • 42 gallon fresh water supply
  • Camplux on-demand hot water heater
  • Kickass outdoor shower ensuite
  • OVS 270 degree awning
  • ICECO 58QT dual zone refrigerator/freezer
  • Full kitchen with:
    • Sink and electric pump running faucet
    • Slide out galley with large 2-burner propane stove
    • Fold-out stainless prep counter-top
    • Soft-close 3 drawer pantry
  • Canoe/kayak rack

Built with utility and capability at its core, our solar-powered overland trailer is surprisingly easy to tow and provides abundant storage space for all your camping gear, a fresh water supply that fuels the outdoor shower and a fully equipped kitchen complete with a sink, stove, and ample counter space. Whether you’re exploring remote destinations or setting up camp in nearby locations, this trailer stands ready for every adventure.

Off-Grid Ready

Equipped with dual 200-watt solar system and shore power setup with 42 gallons of fresh water and 11 pounds of propane on board.

Easy to Tow

Despite its rugged capabilities, the overland trailer is surprisingly easy to tow, making it accessible to a wide range of vehicles.

Off-Road Capable

Designed to handle rugged terrains, the overland trailer allows you to explore remote and challenging destinations that traditional campers may not reach.

No Sacrifice in Comfort

Outfitted with a hot water shower, a fully equipped kitchen with dual-zone refrigerator, and a 270-degree awning, you can enjoy the the conveniences of home while camping.

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Of course! Our trailer is absolutely capable of handling gravel roads and light offroad trails. However, it is not recommended for 4×4 trails or trails with deep mud or water.

If you are planning to explore unfamiliar off-road trails, it is best to leave the trailer at a secure basecamp or campground prior to setting off on your off-road adventure. 

Sure do. Through digital, hardcopy, and in-person demonstration, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to use our rentals prior to your trip.

You bet! Don’t overthink it, or get overwhelmed. We’re here to help. We’ll make sure you know how to operate all of our gear, equipment, and trailer before you set off for your next adventure with us!

For those who are new to towing trailers, we’re here to ensure a smooth and confident start to your adventure. Our team offers comprehensive walkthroughs that cover all the essentials of towing and handling a trailer. Additionally, if you’re interested, we can provide a trailer operating and towing demonstration session to boost your confidence before you hit the road. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, and we’re dedicated to making your trailer towing experience both enjoyable and hassle-free.

Email us at info@motocamps.com or call us anytime at (434) 218-0801.