iKamper Skycamp 2.0 RTT


Premium Mattress


Portable Air Pump


Camp Fan


Luxury Bedding


Shoe Storage

4-Person Roof Top Tent Rental

Free with Base Camp Rental$50/night


Free with Base Camp Rental

We have thoughtfully outfitted the award-winning iKamper roof top tent with king-size comfort for 4 and all the extras to ensure your stay with MotoCamps is the best night’s sleep you’ll ever get in a tent.

Floor: Durable, insulating honeycomb aluminum panels

Tent Fabric: Breathable 300gsm poly-cotton canvas

Rain Fly: Waterproof polyester 150D (PU 3000mm)

Hard Case Shell: Double-layered fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) with 1” air insulation

Seasons: 4-Season

Sleeping Capacity: 4 people

Interior Space (Dimensions/Area): 83” x 77” / 44.3 sq ft

Height (Closed/Open): 13” / 48”

  • iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Hard Shell Roof Top Tent
  • Upgraded premium king-size mattress with portable air pump
  • Installed LED tent lights with portable power pack
  • Camping fan with LED lantern with remote control
  • Luxury comforter, bedding and pillows
  • Hanging shoe storage

Elevate your outdoor experience and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature from the comfort of your cozy rooftop sanctuary. As avid outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the need for a seamless camping experience that combines convenience, comfort, and boundless exploration.

That is precisely why built this package starting with the premier RTT, the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Hard Shell Roof Top Tent.

Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

The iKamper Skycamp 2.0 RTT features an insulated hard shell interior, spacious living area, and innovative features like the signature Skyview window and multi-layered canopy windows ensure a cozy and scenic camping experience.

premium mattress

Our self-inflating mattress features an incredibly comfortable 4-inch plush foam layer, a soft top layer that is gentle on your skin and noise-free, and boast an impressive R Value of 9.5 for exceptional 4-season camping comfort.

Luxury bedding​

Sleep blissfully throughout the night with our included 2 king pillows, king comforter and thermal-regulating bamboo viscose sheet set.

Extra Little Things

Additionally, we've incorporated rain-proof shoe storage, a built-in fan, and a power bank to operate the illuminating LED tent lights.

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Customize Your RTT Rental

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  • The interior of the Skycamp 2.0’s hard shell is lined with quilted insulation. This reduces condensation and keeps you warmer when temperatures drop.
  • Interior features a king size large living area, built-in pockets, and plenty of places to hang your gear.
  • The iKamper signature Skyview window gives you extra light by day and a view of the stars by night.
  • Thick 300gsm poly-cotton canvas blocks out light so that you (or your kids) can sleep well past sunrise.
  • The two canopy windows have three layers: an inner see-through vinyl window, a mesh window, and an outer polyester window. They even roll up for extra ventilation.
  • Expansive entry and built-in awning creates a natural panoramic view so you can enjoy all of your favorite camping spots from the comfort of your tent.

Camping in a RTT provides campers with a comfortable night’s sleep in the great outdoors and has many key benefits over a traditional tent:

  • Being completely elevated above ground allows campers to forget about uneven terrain, unwanted critters and rain soaked sleeping bags.
  • The set-up is quick and easy with a foam mattress and bedding that is already set to go inside.
  • Not only is the view perfect for stargazing – but a RTT is practically a tree fort for the curious little campers.
  • There are also a variety of awnings, windows, and screens to dial in your comfort level based upon the weather.

At this time, roof top tent rentals are limited to the Mobile Base Camp rentals only.

No, sleeping bags need to be removed before closing. But the mattress can stay.

Absolutely. As long as you can lift your dog and carry them safely up the ladder, go for it!

Just note that the ladder is strong enough to hold 350lbs, but weaken as you increase the angle of the ladder (bring it further) from the tent. If your combined weight exceeds this limit, consider adding on the Annex Room as a cozy option for your furry camping buddy instead.

Better believe it! That’s a big part of why we do this. Get the kids involved and see how much they love being outdoors and playing in the roof top tent (look at it, its practically a tree fort).

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